Roadrunner Java



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Roadrunner Java is the best place to spend your leisure time tasting delicious food and enjoying the nice atmosphere. After visiting our restaurant you will definitely have a wish to come back!


Adress: 932 N 2nd Ave, Ajo, AZ 85321


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  • K Duggie

    star star_border star_border star_border star_border 22 July 2019

    I came in this morning with another girl about 8:50 am (October 29, 2018) before heading into Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. We were both excited to support a small, local business and had cash ready to pay for their goods. As we walk through the front door, there was a couple that was sitting at a small table to the right that had already ordered and were eating. At another small table to the left, there was an old lady sitting and talking with another old lady and an old man. We walked up to the counter to look at the donuts and pastries displayed on the shelves. As we were looking at what we were going to buy, the old lady that was sitting at the table talking with the other two older people stands up and comes around to the other side of the counter. I didn't realize she even worked there as she didn't even greet us when we came in or acknowledge our presence.... I assumed whoever was working was in the back doing something. I look at the woman and smile and say verbatim "Hi! How are you doing?" The woman literally stares at me, doesn't smile, and doesn't respond to my cordial greeting. Nor does she say the usual "how can I help you?" or "what would you like?". She says NOTHING!!! Just stares at me with an annoyed look on her face. I looked at her for a few seconds to see if she would maybe think about acknowledging me as a real human being and when I realized that she wasn't, I looked at the other girl who came in with me and I literally said out loud so that she could hear me "I'm good. I don't want to spend my money where I'm not wanted". The other girl with me agreed and we both walked out... As I was walking out the door I said loudly again so she could hear me (which means her two friends and the two customers heard me) "How rude!" At no point did this woman attempt to stop us from leaving even though she knew why we were leaving, and she didn't apologize for her lack of customer service. This lady reminded me of a 14 year old kid who's on their cell phone while at work, barely looks up at you when you come into their business, and then acts annoyed that they actually have to put down their phone and do... WORK! There were no other customers in the store or in line, so she could have easily served us very quickly and returned to her conversation with her friends that was obviously more important than two paying customers. I was amazed that someone her age behaved the way she did. It's too bad that this lady either doesn't know or doesn't care that it takes customers to have a business keep running, so that she can keep her job.... which obviously just serves as place where she can get paid to socialize. Honestly the only thing I can imagine that would explain her behavior is that she is not a fan of people who aren't locals because I can assure you that we did not give her any reason to treat us like that. What a disappointment! I wish I could give zero stars.

  • Charleen Martin

    star star star star star 5 July 2019

    Best little donut shop ever! Open 5:30 am til noon. Everything homemade. A little Ajo treasure.

  • Connie Rogers

    star star star star star 2 July 2019

    Great little shop...great donuts! Go every week😍

  • Patricia Ryan

    star star star star star 1 July 2019

    Awesome place to stop by for the best coffee and delicious homemade fresh donuts and pastries

  • Melynda Brown

    star star star star star 28 June 2019

    Locals and visitors gather here, delicious homemade donuts, muffins, cookies and more.